Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Wow!!

Thanksgiving and Christmas have both come and gone. Where the heck was I? Why didn't I blog more? Was I too busy??? No! Was I too lazy??? That's probably closer to the truth. Bad Michelle! Or should I say, Bold Michelle. When Corrina was little she had a wonderful babysitter, June, and June always said that her "kids" weren't bad, they were bold. So I'm going with June on this one and I was bold not to post sooner.

What's new? Let's see. Quite a few projects started and finished. Quite a few projects not touched since the last time I posted, and quite a few projects worked on but not finished : ) I started and finished two pairs of wristers, a gorgeous cashmere Heart To Heart scarf, a pair of socks and a cabled neck warmer. I worked a little on each of two sweaters and started working on 4 pairs of wristers for my co-workers.

Christmas was pleasant enough, but something was missing...OTHER THAN MY CORRINA, of course. I think it was decorations and presents. I thought that I only wanted to decorate Corrina's mantle, but I did really miss the tree this year. And Scott and I decided not to exchange gifts as we buy ourselves whatever we want anyway, but....I think I missed the whole opening up something we specially picked up for each other. Next year I'll do things different.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where Did October Go?

Man, oh man, time sure is flying by. I can't believe it's November already. Only 39 days till Christmas. I'm almost ready, gift wise anyway. I didn't knit any gifts, I just bought things. I didn't want to create any pressure on myself to have to finish something. I enjoy my knitting too much to make a chore out of it, or to make it seem like something I have to do instead of something I want to do.

Corrina loved this time of year, from Halloween on. She loved all the sights and sounds of the Holiday season. I try to still decorate in her memory, but the last few years were hard...maybe this year it'll be easier.

Anyway, tons of knitting going on. Lots of things started, not too much finished...:)
I finished two pairs of socks, and a pair of fingerless mitts. Speaking of knitting, I think I need to get back to it....right now! Ciao!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

I looked at the calendar today and was like...OMG, it's October. I sort of limped through September as it's a TOUGH month for me, for Scott and for the whole family. But it's now past and another year without my sweet baby girl has begun. I miss her so MUCH, and even just typing those words, let alone saying them out loud, can NEVER truly express the hurt, pain, longing, missing...She was everything.

Onward to all things knitty...I seem to be knitting constantly but not finishing too much, ha ha! It couldn't be because I keep casting on for NEW projects could it? :)
I keep seeing things on Ravelry, or hearing about something on a podcast, and next thing you know, the yarn is purchased or destashed and somehow it gets cast on.

Could this be considered an obsession? In my case, the answer is YES, YES, YES. But I love it and I don't want to stop, so it could then be considered an addiction...again the answer is YES. It's all just so much fun. I've been working on my Palette Fair Isle, and two pairs of socks, and the mystery colorwork KAL from Knit Picks, and my Aeolian, and the Traveling Woman shawl, and the Featherweight cardigan...oh my, quite the list. I better stop blogging and get knitting :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seems Like Forever

It seems like forever since I last posted. It's only been like 20 days, or so, but....
Life has been chugging along. We spent the Labor Day weekend in the mountains, and had a peaceful and lovely time. I got a lot of knitting done while there, and on the ride to and from. I finished the "Lacy Rib Socks" from Wendy Johnson's "Socks From The Toe Up" book. I love them! And they are all mine. I started two new projects, the Palette Fair Isle Cardigan from Knit Picks (way cool, so far), and the Aeolian shawl from Knitty (absolutely gorgeous, so far). I'll take some pictures and get them posted to here and to my Ravelry page.

I'm also still plugging along on my Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. That was my car knitting during the trip. I love the way this one feels, soft and light. I still have two pair of socks on the needles that are almost finished, so I may cast on another pair over the weekend.

September is a tough month, heck most are when it comes to missing and longing for Corrina, but September is when she passed away...September 29th 2005. Four years I've been missing my angel. Every night I pray for a glimpse of her in my dreams and last night I saw her. She was only about 10 in the dream, but I got to hold her hand and hug her tight. Waking up after a dream of her is so bittersweet. I'm so thankful that it happened and that I saw her, but also so sad that it's the only way I CAN see her anymore and that it doesn't happen nearly enough.

Well on to a little brighter news. I'm expecting some yarn deliveries this week and next. I truly miss having a local yarn shop. I wish someone would come along and open one...heck, I wish I could. I would love to keep some of this money I'm spending in our local economy...oh well, c'est la vie.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday I received a beautiful care package from my new friend Stephanie (mortaine on Ravelry). She sent me a homemade drop spindle and some beautiful fiber to play with. She is a sweetheart, and it made me smile all day long. Ahhh, now to just figure it all out and get started...woo hoo!

I've been in a sock place as of recent days. I've been plugging along on two pair that I started a few weeks ago, but I got some new yarn the other day and just HAD to cast on another pair. I decided to start a pair from the book "Socks From The Toe Up" by Wendy Johnson. I am making the "Lacy Ribs Socks" and I am zooming right along. This pattern is so much fun and super easy. Not to mention very pretty. I'm doing both at the same time with magic loop and I'm already in the home stretch working on the leg. I prefer my socks to be a little above ankle length so only a couple of inches to go. Then I'll go back to my two cardigans, my Cheshire Cat Stole and my two other pairs of socks...whew...so many project's...too little time.

I also am dying to cast on for my "Dorothy" socks from the Wizard Of Oz sock club from Woolgirl. Jen puts together the most amazing clubs. That will be my next cast on...oooh maybe evening tonight. Scott laughs at me and wonders how I keep all the projects and patterns straight in my head. My Corrina girl knew me well. She always said "If my Mom puts her mind to it she can accomplish anything". She was my biggest fan, and I, hers! I love you CocoBean!!!

That's it for this update.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

54 Days

My knitting is all moving in the right direction. I've been working on the Featherweight Cardigan and the Cheshire Cat Stole. My socks are on the back burner right now. I love sock knitting, crazy about it in fact, but right now for some reason I'm very excited to be working on the other two projects exclusively. The cardigan is easy, just knitting w/inc's and purling back. So that is my TV and podcast knitting. The stole is another story though, it's lace and frilly and pretty and beaded (woo hoo) and I need to concentrate on all the knit rows. I get to rest & relax on the purl rows...lol. I really need to get started on a hooded baby blanket for a co-workers soon to be grandson. They are doing a C-Sect on 9/14 so I have some time. I have the yarn and everything but I just can't stop knitting on stuff for myself....bad Michelle. I'm also going to knit a few tiny baby washclothes, and a wee tiny pair of baby socks. Anyway, that's my knitting news!

In 54 days it will be 4 years since losing Corrina...my child, my heart, my love and my life. On the day it happened I didn't think I'd make it through one hour without her, let alone a day, week, month.... But alas, here I am. Almost four years have gone by. I'm lonely, sad, and yearning for days past. I wish I had superhuman powers. I could either go back in time whenever I wanted to see her (EVERYDAY) or I could travel to where she and her BEAUTIFUL soul are now and be with her. Oh how I wish! I have a quote by C. S. Lewis on my desk that says..."Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything". How true my angel...I love and miss you more each and every day.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Day...Another $.50

My mom always used to say this, one of her many little diddy's. I miss my mom. We were so close. I sometimes feel guilty because I don't grieve for her, or my dad, anymore. All my thoughts and energies are focused on missing Corrina, and rightly so. She left me, not on purpose, and certainly not because she wanted to. It was a car accident that took her away, but it took her away too soon, and before me, and she was only 18, which as far as I'm concerned is against the way things are supposed to be. But for today I celebrate my mom and dad, the best parents on the planet. I remember them and I dedicate this day and my thoughts (most of them anyway) to Rocky and Bea. Because of my faith and belief's I know they are both with my Corrina. The three of them, well the four of us, were like pea's in a pod, so I'm sure Heaven is no different.

I miss them and will love them all forever.

Anyway, Mom...another day, another $.50. Too bad it's not enough to buy some yarn!

So on to my knitting. I'm still working on the Scandinavian Socks, from the "Little Box Of Socks". The Voyager mystery socks by Janine Le Cras from the Outlander group on Ravelry. The Cheshire Cat Stole by Carrie Griffin, and a new project I just cast on for.....the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. I'm loving working on ALL four of these. I can't decide which one to pick up each evening. I try to do a little on each. I actually need to pick one and stick with it till finished...ah but it's just way too hard. HELP, I need more hands!!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Woo Hoo... USPS Rocks!

I just received my Knit Picks order and my Woolgirl order. Life is good, knitting good! From Knit Picks I ordered some of the new handpainted sock yarn in the Tea Party colorway, which wants to be socks for someone special, some Gloss lace weight in Ultramarine, which wants to grow up to be a Featherweight Cardigan, and two books from their 40% off booksale. Cookie A's "Sock Innovation" and EZ's "Knitters Almanac". I also ordered some needles and notions.

From Woolgirl I ordered the "Fairhope" pattern, a few notions, and a gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarn by Joni @ Union Center Knits. It's in the Stomp (gorgeous, gorgeous) colorway and these will be for moi. Jenn at Woolgirl also included little extra's and sent a handwritten thank you....I'm the one who's thankful. Thank you Jenn!!!

I want to leave work now and go home and wind my yarn, and play with it, and touch it...can I? Can I? Pretty please!

I wonder sometimes what my Corrina girl would think about my stash taking over one of her closet's. I'm sure she's glad I've found some peace in something, a love for something that takes my mind places and keeps me busy. I love you Rina Beana!!


Friday, July 17, 2009

T-Minus... Who Knows How Long

We had such a great time on vacation, I just want to turn around and do it again. Who knows how long it will be before we can get away again though. It was such a relaxing and peaceful vacation. We even took a nap one afternoon...oohhh how luxurious.

I knitted on and off the whole time we were gone. I brought 4 projects with me but really only knitted on 2. I changed my mind about knitting the Swallowtail Shawl, and started the Cheshire Cat Stole instead...omg, I adore knitting this. It's keeping me on my toes as it's a 30 some odd row repeat, and each knit row is different...and it has BEADS...how cool is that? I also knitted on my Voyager Mystery Sock KAL from the Outlander group on Ravelry. I'm really enjoying those as well, I'm magic looping and doing both socks together.

We did lots of fun things and just had a nice time. I missed my angel, but I felt her with us so many times. I mean truly felt her presence. Sometimes it was so obvious it was like she was saying "Hey Mom". I love you Corrina, forever and ever and always!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

T-Minus Now!!

So as of 5 pm we are now officially on vacation and do not have to be back at work till the 13th...woo hoo! I can't wait till we leave for New Mexico. I'm almost finished with my 9 to 5 socks as I'm ready to start decreasing for the toe's. I've also decided to cast on for the Outlander group sock KAL (LC Voyager Socks by Janine Le Cras). They are a mystery as well and clue 1 & 2 have been revealed already so I'm a wee bit behind. The socks incorporate beads, so I need to buy some before I go out of town. This way I'll still have 4 projects on the needles to carry along. Can you tell I'm excited???

Corrina used to sing "V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, in the summertime", over and over when we were getting ready for a trip. I miss her so much. Nothing seems right without her, but yet I feel her with me wherever I am. We were so close, extraordinarily so. I know that connection will NEVER be lost, never, ever. So I know she'll be with us on this vacation. I love you RinaBean, forever and always!


Monday, June 29, 2009

T-minus 3 Days

That's when our vacation starts. I'm REALLY looking forward to this vacation. That hasn't happened in a LONG, LONG, LONG time. Since losing Corrina I've always had some sort of apprehension, tremendous sadness, and intense longing for her to be with us, before leaving for each and every vacation.

I still wish she was coming with us, oh how I wish that, I'd give ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make that happen, but the apprehension is no longer a factor, and while the sadness will ALWAYS be with me, it's not as debilitating as before. So Ruidoso, NM here we come. Seven days in the mountains, mmmmmmmmm, I can't wait.

I've got my four projects on the needles to take with me...

1. Mr Foster sock monkey

2. 9-5 Socks

3. Scandinavian socks

4. Swallowtail shawl

And I'm bringing some good books too. I plan to relax and knit. Maybe hot-tub and swim, with a possible visit to the Thoroughbred race track one afternoon thrown into the mix.

Now if I can just last 20 more minutes it will be time to go the heck home for the day.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Goals and Holy Crap!

Ok, so I was over at Ali's blog, http://www.skeinsherway.com and she was mentioning setting some knitting goals for the summer. She's even doing a contest, what a great idea huh? So anyway I was thinking about what my goals will be and here goes:

1. Knit myself a lace shawl. I like the Swallowtail pattern.

2. Finish 5 pairs of socks (3 gifts, 2 mine)

3. Finish Mr. Foster, the sock monkey (gift)

4.Knit myself a beautiful cardigan with the GORGEOUS silk/merino I splurged on

Ok, so that's my goal list. Now for a "Corrinaism". She used to say "Holy Crap" all the time. It didn't matter if it was something good or something bad...it was just "Holy Crap". So in honor of my sweet Corrina...Holy Crap people it's FRIDAY!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JUST SAY NO...to Hobby Lobby

Today my friend Judy bought me a little gift. It's a cute pair of flip-flops that are black and have cherries on them. Normally I would already have them on my fat, little feet, but they came from "Hobby Lobby", cue the ominous music. Now we need to travel back in time to early 2005 when my sweet Rina girl was working for "Michaels" the "other" crafting store. She told me that I couldn't shop at Hobby Lobby, that I would be a traitor if I did. My sweet girl was nothing if not loyal!!! So I made a promise to her that I would never set foot into a Hobby Lobby store...and of course I haven't, but my mother-in-law and my friend Judy go there quite often, hence my gift.

My dilema is as such, do I wear the flip-flops because they were a gift and because Corrina was all about loving her Flip-Flops??? Or do I not wear them because of the "Hobby Lobby" boycott??? You may not believe this but it made me cry...not so much the shoes, as the memory of my girl and the promise I made her. Silly huh? The funniest part of all of this is that Corrina would find my behavior EXTREMELY amusing, I just know she would.

I wish I was knitting on something right now instead of working. I'm going to cast on another pair of socks tonight. The "Summer Socks" pattern by Cookie A. I ADORE her designs...what a talent she is, and what an artist.


Monday, June 15, 2009

A Brand New Week

Ah, it's Monday. Too bad the weekends are so damn short. I had such big plans for this past weekend...didn't accomplish much of it though. We're planning to re-do our bathroom and I intended to start on that, but nope, didn't happen.

I did get some knitting done though. I hated the way the socks I was working on were turning out, so I ripped them out and started over with a different pattern...ah, much better now. I got quite a bit done on those. Finished up and gifted away all the baby items so it was a pleasure to work on something different for a change. I also cast on a lace shawl, and my Mr. Foster sock monkey from Knit Picks. I'd like to cast on for one more pair of socks as I like to have 4 different projects going, just to keep it interesting.

I had a dream about Corrina last night, and I remember seeing her in this dream but I can't remember anything else about it. I'm content enough though just being able to have seen her, if only for a moment, and if only in my dreams. I love you Angelpie!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time Slips Away

Geez, times slips by doesn't it? I can't believe it's June already. My dad would have been 79 this year. My niece Heidy has a birthday in a few days and she'll be 36, and my brother-in-law Ed will be, ok I don't know, maybe just old..lol. He's older than me anyway.

Corrina loved June...school was out, summer was here and good times were usually had by all. No particular month holds anything special for me anymore, and that's ok because I just look forward to getting through the present. When I found out that Corrina had passed away, I just knew that it was over for me too and that I couldn't or wouldn't EVER survive one moment without her and believe me, I didn't want to survive.

I remember many of my aquaintances saying things like "If it was my child I would just die" or "I don't know how you're getting out of bed each morning, I know I wouldn't be able to cope" and "I can't believe your back at work already. I couldn't survive without my child, let alone work". I remember at the time being very ANGRY with these statements. To me it sounded like they were insinuating that they loved their children more than I loved Corrina. I know, stupid right? But I couldn't help how it made me feel. My grief was so new, the wound so raw. I, of course, know now that they we're all just trying to help in their own way and unless you've suffered, endured, survived the loss of a child, there is no way to understand or comprehend.

I have figured something out though, I never knew I could ever be this strong or resilent. I still have my melt down days, where all I want is to be with Corrina again, but I will say, they aren't as often as they used to be. My faith, hope, and love get me through. I owe that, and so much more, to my RinaBean. From the moment they placed that little peanut in my arms she made me a better person, more loving, giving, patient, kind, gentle, compassionate and MOST IMPORTANTLY, she made me her mom...the greatest honor and pleasure of my life. I love you my angel!!!

Ok, so now on to my knitting. I'm finishing a hooded baby blanket/towel for a co-workers baby shower. I also made her two itty bitty washclothes, and a pair of itty bitty baby socks. I've been working pretty exclusively on those items, so not much other knitting going on. I can't wait to get back to my Cardigan KAL and also cast on my Mr Foster sock monkey from Knit Picks. I think I'm going to rip out the one tank top I started as I'm just not happy with they way it's turning out.

Well I guess that's it...don't post for weeks and then I can't stop talking!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ready, Set, Go!

Ok, so it's Thursday and I'm SO READY for the long weekend. We're not going anywhere, just staying home...just the way I like it. Although in July we're going to go away for a week to New Mexico and I AM looking forward to that vacation.

I expect(hope)to knit most of the weekend, some on my cardigan KAL, and some on a pair of socks, and some on the Swallowtail Shawl. We'll see how that all goes. I'm almost finished with the sleeves for the cardigan. It's looking like it'll be a really great sweater.

I also need to start transfering all of our videos to DVD's. I just get so emotional whenever I try to start that project, but I haven't tried in quite some time so maybe it's time to try again. We'll see. I love seeing Corrina's face and hearing her voice, but I start to cry and can't stop. I love and miss you so much, RinaBean!

Anyway, those are my Memorial Day plans. It will be nice to have the extra day off.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Bum Around

That's exactly what I did this whole weekend. I relaxed, knitted, computed...and it was nice and quiet. Scott, the kittie's, and I really enjoyed it. I worked on my KAL cardigan, and swatched and cast on for a the "Swallowtail Lace Shawl". I also lined and finished the knitting bag for my sister. I need to get it into the mail by Thursday or Friday.

Time goes by quickly, doesn't it? My sister will be 58 on the 13th. My other sister will be 70, and I'll be 48...unbelievable. My RinaBean would have been 22 this year...I miss her soooooo much. Life goes on...whether we're ready for it or not.

Well back to work.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going CRAZY!!!

Ok, so I here I sit at work, and all I want to do is knit. I wish I could figure out a way to work and knit at the same time...wouldn't that be awesome??

When I get home this evening it's the first thing I'm going to do...pick up one of my "way too many" on the needle projects, and START KNITTING!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Woo Hoo!

It's almost FRIDAY! I have always looked forward to the weekend's. Before losing Rina it was so we could do family stuff, or just be together. I guess now it's sort of the same...being able to spend quiet time with Scott and just relaxing...oh, and of course, knitting.

I'm itching to start my new sweater, but my swatch isn't coming out right. I'm going to try it one more time on different size needles.

I finished a few more Preemie caps and mitt's for charity in honor of Corrina. That makes a total of 10 caps and mitt sets. I know that somewhere Rina's smiling. She did that a lot...smiling. I miss her big smile, her giggle, her voice. I JUST MISS HER! I love you Rina Jempell!

Well soon I'll be home knitting and sitting by Scott....Ahhhhhh!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Missing In Action

Wow, it's been awhile, hasn't it? I guess a knitting update would be appropriate now. I've finished a few more baby items for the Charity KAL. I need to take some pictures and get them posted on here and on Ravelry. I'm almost finished with the knitting bag for my sister. I have finished the needle case, and a pair of plain vanilla socks. And I'm 1/2 done on my tank-top.

I have recently cast-on for a new KAL on Knit Picks. It's a really pretty cardigan knitted up in lace weight double-stranded. It's a very classic look. I lied though. I haven't cast on...I'm actually swatching, not quite the same thing, is it?

I have a digital photo frame here on my desk at work, and I just happened to glance over and there was the picture of Dad, Mom, Jeff and my sweet Corrina, when she was 2. I realized that everyone in that picture is in Heaven. How did that happen? Mom and Dad, well they were older and that makes some sense. But my brother, Jeff, only 46. And RinaBean, my life, at only 18. All I can do is wonder why, and love and miss them all, with each and every beat of my heart. Especially my Corrina.

Almost time to KNIT...I can't wait.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Knitting Weekend

Ok, so here's the scoop. I should have been knitting on one of the 4 or 5 projects that I already have on my needles...but no, not me. I had to cast on something new. I joined a Block Of The Month KAL where you make a 12x12 square each month to be finished as a throw/afghan. Since I'm behind, I casted on and finished January's block, and then casted on and finished February's too. Tonight I'll be casting on for March. It's been fun and a nice little respite from what I was knitting. Sometimes I think we need to do that, don't you.

I'm also knitting some baby items for a charity kal, and I will donate these items in honor of CorrinaBean. I love to do things in her honor and in memory of her. I try to keep her memory alive in everything that I do.

I love you my Angel Pie!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1278 Days

That's how long it's been since I last saw Corrina's beautiful face, or held her soft hand, or kissed her sweet cheek.

I came across a poem Barbara Bush wrote (she lost a daughter also) and it just seems to say what I want to say......

So, I am glad not that my loved one has gone,
But that the earth she laughed and lived on was my earth, too,
That I had known and loved her,
And that my love I’d shown.
Tears over her departure?
Nay, a smile
That I had walked with her a little while.

First lady , Barbara Bush

As for knitting projects, I'm almost finished with the needle case. I'm still plugging along on the Berroco Metallic socks, and the tank top, but I also started, and am almost finished with, a knitting bag for my sister's birthday present. So all is going well on that front.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

I've been missing for a little while, but have gotten lots accomplished. I truly did finish the Hemlock Ring Throw, and Scott loves it. It knit up so easy and it turned out gorgeous after blocking. I think I'll be making another one of those soon.

I also finished the Tofuties Tee ( I didn't use Tofuties though, I used Knit Picks Essential). It's blocking as I speak and will just need to be seamed up.

I have three projects on my needles right now also...a pair of socks using Berroco Sox Metallic, a circular needle case using 100% cotton, and a v-neck tank using Lion Brand Homespun.

I'm keeping busy, and loving the time I make to knit. I can lose myself or spend time remembering my beautiful Corrina. I just wish I could knit her something.

I love you my angel!


Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I say finished, but in reality I'm still working on the knitted bind-off for my Hemlock Ring Throw...but it's ALMOST finished. What a fun and beautiful pattern. I so much love knitting. It keeps me SANE, and it can even make me smile during even my saddest moments. I know deep in my heart that Corrina's proud and happy that I found my grief outlet.

I love you RinaBeana!!!

I'll be posting a picture of the throw as soon as it's blocked.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

Ah Sunday's...I find that they can be so quiet and peaceful. I knitted almost all day yesterday and I'm getting ready to start again today, but I decided to make homemade bagels today. They're baking right now...YUM!!

I'm just about half way on my Hemlock Ring Throw, it's a very easy and fun pattern, and I caan't wait to finish it. I'm going to make a baby blue one to put in Corrina's room...she loved baby blue, and I, of course, LOVED HER WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!

Anyway, I need to check on the bagels, and get to knitting!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too Long Tuesday

Ok, today seems to be dragging on by. I think it may be because I'd really rather be knitting. I finished the socks I was working on and started a new project last night. I'm knitting the Hemlock Ring Throw. I only just started but the pattern is pretty easy so far, and I think this will make a gorgeous throw for my sweet man, Scott.

A few months before Corrina passed away she started to crochet a purse. I had taught her to crochet when she was little, so she sort of knew what she was doing. Well, we laughed one night because she brought it out of her room to show me and to ask me what she was doing wrong...the poor purse didn't look anything like it should have. I'll never forget how long we laughed. Oh my sweet baby girl, I will NEVER forget the laughter!!! I promise!!!

Can't wait to get home and knit.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Long Time No Posts

Today I realized that I haven't taken any time to post to this blog. It's been months, and now it's a new year. I'll try to be better. I owe it to myself and to my Corrina. This was to really be for her, in honor of her, with maybe a story or two. I miss her so much. I miss the laughter, the noise, the giggles, and that smile. She lit up rooms with that amazing smile. I love you Rina.

Now, for my knitting projects...I've completed 3 more pair of socks. A sweater for myself. A few Preemie caps for donation to a NICU, and I'm now working on more socks. I'll post some pictures later on.