Thursday, April 23, 2009

Woo Hoo!

It's almost FRIDAY! I have always looked forward to the weekend's. Before losing Rina it was so we could do family stuff, or just be together. I guess now it's sort of the same...being able to spend quiet time with Scott and just relaxing...oh, and of course, knitting.

I'm itching to start my new sweater, but my swatch isn't coming out right. I'm going to try it one more time on different size needles.

I finished a few more Preemie caps and mitt's for charity in honor of Corrina. That makes a total of 10 caps and mitt sets. I know that somewhere Rina's smiling. She did that a lot...smiling. I miss her big smile, her giggle, her voice. I JUST MISS HER! I love you Rina Jempell!

Well soon I'll be home knitting and sitting by Scott....Ahhhhhh!


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