Friday, June 19, 2009

Goals and Holy Crap!

Ok, so I was over at Ali's blog, and she was mentioning setting some knitting goals for the summer. She's even doing a contest, what a great idea huh? So anyway I was thinking about what my goals will be and here goes:

1. Knit myself a lace shawl. I like the Swallowtail pattern.

2. Finish 5 pairs of socks (3 gifts, 2 mine)

3. Finish Mr. Foster, the sock monkey (gift)

4.Knit myself a beautiful cardigan with the GORGEOUS silk/merino I splurged on

Ok, so that's my goal list. Now for a "Corrinaism". She used to say "Holy Crap" all the time. It didn't matter if it was something good or something was just "Holy Crap". So in honor of my sweet Corrina...Holy Crap people it's FRIDAY!!!


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