Thursday, August 6, 2009

54 Days

My knitting is all moving in the right direction. I've been working on the Featherweight Cardigan and the Cheshire Cat Stole. My socks are on the back burner right now. I love sock knitting, crazy about it in fact, but right now for some reason I'm very excited to be working on the other two projects exclusively. The cardigan is easy, just knitting w/inc's and purling back. So that is my TV and podcast knitting. The stole is another story though, it's lace and frilly and pretty and beaded (woo hoo) and I need to concentrate on all the knit rows. I get to rest & relax on the purl I really need to get started on a hooded baby blanket for a co-workers soon to be grandson. They are doing a C-Sect on 9/14 so I have some time. I have the yarn and everything but I just can't stop knitting on stuff for myself....bad Michelle. I'm also going to knit a few tiny baby washclothes, and a wee tiny pair of baby socks. Anyway, that's my knitting news!

In 54 days it will be 4 years since losing child, my heart, my love and my life. On the day it happened I didn't think I'd make it through one hour without her, let alone a day, week, month.... But alas, here I am. Almost four years have gone by. I'm lonely, sad, and yearning for days past. I wish I had superhuman powers. I could either go back in time whenever I wanted to see her (EVERYDAY) or I could travel to where she and her BEAUTIFUL soul are now and be with her. Oh how I wish! I have a quote by C. S. Lewis on my desk that says..."Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything". How true my angel...I love and miss you more each and every day.


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