Monday, June 29, 2009

T-minus 3 Days

That's when our vacation starts. I'm REALLY looking forward to this vacation. That hasn't happened in a LONG, LONG, LONG time. Since losing Corrina I've always had some sort of apprehension, tremendous sadness, and intense longing for her to be with us, before leaving for each and every vacation.

I still wish she was coming with us, oh how I wish that, I'd give ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make that happen, but the apprehension is no longer a factor, and while the sadness will ALWAYS be with me, it's not as debilitating as before. So Ruidoso, NM here we come. Seven days in the mountains, mmmmmmmmm, I can't wait.

I've got my four projects on the needles to take with me...

1. Mr Foster sock monkey

2. 9-5 Socks

3. Scandinavian socks

4. Swallowtail shawl

And I'm bringing some good books too. I plan to relax and knit. Maybe hot-tub and swim, with a possible visit to the Thoroughbred race track one afternoon thrown into the mix.

Now if I can just last 20 more minutes it will be time to go the heck home for the day.


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