Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Wow!!

Thanksgiving and Christmas have both come and gone. Where the heck was I? Why didn't I blog more? Was I too busy??? No! Was I too lazy??? That's probably closer to the truth. Bad Michelle! Or should I say, Bold Michelle. When Corrina was little she had a wonderful babysitter, June, and June always said that her "kids" weren't bad, they were bold. So I'm going with June on this one and I was bold not to post sooner.

What's new? Let's see. Quite a few projects started and finished. Quite a few projects not touched since the last time I posted, and quite a few projects worked on but not finished : ) I started and finished two pairs of wristers, a gorgeous cashmere Heart To Heart scarf, a pair of socks and a cabled neck warmer. I worked a little on each of two sweaters and started working on 4 pairs of wristers for my co-workers.

Christmas was pleasant enough, but something was missing...OTHER THAN MY CORRINA, of course. I think it was decorations and presents. I thought that I only wanted to decorate Corrina's mantle, but I did really miss the tree this year. And Scott and I decided not to exchange gifts as we buy ourselves whatever we want anyway, but....I think I missed the whole opening up something we specially picked up for each other. Next year I'll do things different.


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