Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too Long Tuesday

Ok, today seems to be dragging on by. I think it may be because I'd really rather be knitting. I finished the socks I was working on and started a new project last night. I'm knitting the Hemlock Ring Throw. I only just started but the pattern is pretty easy so far, and I think this will make a gorgeous throw for my sweet man, Scott.

A few months before Corrina passed away she started to crochet a purse. I had taught her to crochet when she was little, so she sort of knew what she was doing. Well, we laughed one night because she brought it out of her room to show me and to ask me what she was doing wrong...the poor purse didn't look anything like it should have. I'll never forget how long we laughed. Oh my sweet baby girl, I will NEVER forget the laughter!!! I promise!!!

Can't wait to get home and knit.


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