Thursday, July 2, 2009

T-Minus Now!!

So as of 5 pm we are now officially on vacation and do not have to be back at work till the 13th...woo hoo! I can't wait till we leave for New Mexico. I'm almost finished with my 9 to 5 socks as I'm ready to start decreasing for the toe's. I've also decided to cast on for the Outlander group sock KAL (LC Voyager Socks by Janine Le Cras). They are a mystery as well and clue 1 & 2 have been revealed already so I'm a wee bit behind. The socks incorporate beads, so I need to buy some before I go out of town. This way I'll still have 4 projects on the needles to carry along. Can you tell I'm excited???

Corrina used to sing "V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, in the summertime", over and over when we were getting ready for a trip. I miss her so much. Nothing seems right without her, but yet I feel her with me wherever I am. We were so close, extraordinarily so. I know that connection will NEVER be lost, never, ever. So I know she'll be with us on this vacation. I love you RinaBean, forever and always!


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