Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whats New?

Lets see, whats new? I'm still plugging along on my second sleeve of my "Carli" sweater, but right now I'm more interested in finishing my "Mondo Cable Cardi". When I reached about half way on the body, I utilized some advice from the Knitmore Girls (Gigi and Jasmin), and stopped there to go ahead and start the collar. When I finished the collar, I started the sleeves. I'm finished with one sleeve and about half way on the other. I LOVE THIS PATTERN! Thank you Bonne Marie Burns.

I'm also knitting on a sock, my own creation with some lovely merino/cashmere/nylon in soft white, baby blues & browns. That's the one I carry in my purse. And the sock on my night stand is also a creation of my own, done in Dream in Color Smooshy Happy Forest.

I'm sure I'll pick up the Carli again as soon as I'm finished with the Mondo Cable Cardi.

I'm not too sure if I mentioned that I won a Spindle Kit from Destiknit (Kerrie James). It's beautiful, and she made it herself. She also included tons of fiber and I've been playing with that, and I think I'm going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spinning. Is anyone surprised??? If you don't listen to her podcast, Destiknit The Podcast, I highly recommend it. She's funny, intelligent and it's a great listen.
I also recommend other podcast's as well...The Knitmore Girls, Stitch It, Kiping It Real, Barknknit, and Electric Sheep.

Corrina is probably smiling where she is right now because I always said I'd never have any use for an Ipod. Ah, how wrong I was? Well baby girl, I never said I was always right. LOL! I love you angel, always and forever.

That's it for today. Peace and blessings all around!


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